MIX/AT 2020
MIX/AT 2020
MIX/AT 2020

MIX/AT 2020

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Designed with middle school students in mind, MIX/AT contains powerful teaching, interactive small group platforms, memory-making games, and tangible moments that will call your young people to a life in Christ and a love for Kingdom work.

What's included?

  • Three fully themed hour-long evening sessions with worship, messages, games, and response elements designed to be something to do, not something to watch.
  • Two small group experiences through the CIY Convos App, an app designed to help small groups have meaningful conversations.
  • Three large group recreational activities that can be used either in person or at a distance.
  • A box that includes physical materials for 25 students (i.e. student books and event response pieces to interact with during sessions).
*If you need extra materials for groups larger than 25, check out our Add-on Packs!

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