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A Pair to Share

October 05, 2016

  • The Bible tells us that God didn’t create us to be alone all the time. But there are people in our lives who are lonely. You know you’ve seen them – sitting by themselves at lunch, or wandering on the playground all alone. Maybe you’ve wondered what’s going on in their head. Philippians 2:4 tells us that as followers of Christ, we should be generous by giving to others what they need – and lonely people need someone to spend time with. Take a look at this Generecipe from Chef Basil to help you be generous to those whom we see are lonely.


    Buy a snack that comes in a pair. Ex - Pop Tarts, Twix Candy Bars, Reese's Cup
    Look for someone in your life that may not have a lot of friends. They could be someone at school, in your neighborhood, or even at church.
    Find that person, open up the snack and give them one half while you eat the other half.
    While you are eating the snack together, take some time to get to know them.

    Before you do this Generecipe, pray this prayer: 

    “Dear God, thank you for putting people in my life to help me not be lonely. Help me to see those people around me who are lonely. Help me be a companion to them, and give me a heart to be a friend to them even when it might be awkward and strange for me. Help them to see your love for them through my act of generosity.”


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