A Slice of Nice

October 05, 2016

  • A Slice of Nice

    Friends are awesome. They’re great to laugh with, play games with and just hang out with. God gives us friends for a reason – he knows that we need others to do life with. In Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, the Bible also tells us that it’s good for us to have friends because they help during times of trouble. Here’s a Generecipe from Chef Basil to help you do something generous for your friends.


    Ask your parents if you can hold a pizza party so you can be generous to your friends.
    With your parents, set a date for the pizza party.
    Invite 5 friends to the party that you want to be generous to.
    During the party, serve each of your friends slices of pizza. For every slice of pizza you give your friends, tell them something nice that you appreciate about them.  

    Before you do this Generecipe, pray the following prayer:

    “Dear God, thank you for my friends. Please help me as I am being generous towards them. Help them to see your love for them through my act of generosity.”


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