Gummy Prayers

October 05, 2016

  • An important thing to be generous with is prayer. And Jesus actually gives us a recipe for prayer in Matthew 6:9-13. One of the ingredients in that prayer recipe is praying for other people. So here’s a Generecipe from Chef Basil to help you be generous to others through prayer.


    Buy a bag of Gummy Bears
    Find a time to sit in a quiet place with no one around. 
    Open the bag of Gummy Bears and eat them one at a time.
    For each color Gummy Bear you eat, pray for the following people:

        Red - Your Parents 

        Orange - Your Friends 

        Green - Your Brothers/Sisters 

        Yellow - Your Church Leaders 

        Clear - Someone you know that is hurting

    5. Once you have prayed a prayer for each colored category, close the bag and share it with a friend.


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