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High school girl pledges to go bald to raise funds for Haiti

August 21, 2015

  • Lily Shields is a Kingdom worker.


    The 16-year-old junior in high school is stepping out in faith and trying to raise nearly $55,000 for an orphanage in Haiti. The idea started two years ago when she visited an orphanage in Haiti called Wholehearted Orphanage – a family style orphanage with 12 children and two house parents. The facility is in the midst of an expansion to be able to accommodate 96 children in eight homes, with two house parents per home of 12 children apiece. Additional buildings would include a protective wall, a main meeting building, athletic fields, a chicken coop and a garden.


    During the summer of 2014, Lily attended CIY MOVE with her church, where she saw the CIY-produced film “Ruby.” She says it was because of this film that she was inspired to Give Up and Go Be a Kingdom worker in another country. And like Ruby in the film, Lily chose to give up her 16th birthday and use the occasion to help bring attention to Wholehearted Orphanage and raise funds for their expansion project.


    “Last summer I was told the total cost of the project came out to me $1.474 million,” she said. “There were 27 people on my mission team and I wanted to figure out what 1/27th of the total cost would be. It came out to $54,592.59. I felt God calling me to raise that money.”


    In the two years since she’s made the trip she’s raised nearly $20,000. She’s been able to share her project and Wholehearted’s story with many people. And this summer she was even able to travel to Haiti and work on the new site.


    “But my work is not done,” she said. “I’m having a 17th birthday fundraiser. My goal is to raise $34,000 in 30 days. If we go over $34,000, then I will shave my head and keep it shaved for one month.”


    The launch of her 17th Birthday fundraiser begins Aug. 21 and is called “Wholeheartedly Bald for Haiti.” A video about the campaign is available at https://vimeo.com/136576400. Those who would like to donate can visit http://www.gofundme.com/wholeheartedlybald.


    Praise God for students like Lily who have answered Christ’s call on their lives to be Kingdom workers. Please share her story via social media using the hashtags #wholeheartedlybald #34kin30days and #buildthewall.


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