Kingdom Workers are Rescued

June 15, 2016

  • Kingdom Workers are Rescued- Larry

    On May 22, 2015 a large tornado struck Joplin, Mo where I worked as a police officer. I was off duty at the time but as soon as it was safe I left my house and drove into Joplin just to help in any way I could.   It was Sunday so I thought the best place to go would be the main drag where Wal-Mart and quite a few fast food restaurants were located.  When I got down there one of the first things I saw was mass destruction most of the buildings were completely destroyed and I saw lots of people digging through bricks and debris looking for possible survivors.  I stopped my car and I went to the remains of a Pizza Hut and started digging through the bricks there.   After a few minutes I saw a doorway and part of a door.  I could also see elderly man, his name was Roger, standing on the other side of the door so I pushed the door open, grabbed Roger and pulled him out the building.   We walked away but only took a couple of steps away from the building, and then Roger stopped and motioned me to follow him back inside the building.  So we went back into the building and I saw another man, his name was Larry, lying on the floor.  I scooped down, picked Larry up, and carried him outs to the area where people were being treated.  One thing that has always stuck with me about that was while we were taking Larry to get help, he kept thanking Roger for returning to the building to get him help.

    We learned this summer that Kingdom Workers were rescued.  Paul writes in Galatians 1:4 that Jesus gave his life for our sins in order to rescue us.  That’s great news, but, are we content to rest in that?  Roger was rescued and he temporarily walked away from danger.  But he knew his friend’s need and he returned to bring him help.  What about you? Is there someone you thought about on your bus ride home?  Is there someone that you wish could have been with you this summer at Move and they could have learned how Kingdom Workers are rescued?  You’ve been rescued, you’ve received grace and now you are called by Jesus to extend a hand like Roger.  Maybe you need to stop, turn around, and tell that person you’ve been thinking about how to be rescued?

    Kingdom workers are rescued and they make the rescuer known to others


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