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Kingdom Workers are Sent

June 26, 2016

  • Kingdom Workers are Sent - Sonja

    There’s a story in Luke 10, Jesus is talking with His disciples and He points to a massive group of people. He tells them, the harvest is massive, but the workers are few, pray and ask God to send people to work for the harvest. He’s telling them, there are so many people – there is so much Gospel work to do – that we need as many Kingdom workers as possible.

    Let that sink in for a minute. What’s the greatest need in the Kingdom? For people to live their lives to accomplish what God wants to do in the world. We need more players on the court, more drummers in the line, more cooks in the kitchen, more elves in the workshop. You get it. We need more Kingdom workers.

    Here’s the thought today. Not sure what to pray about? Jesus said that you can always pray for people to be sent. The harvest is full in New York City, Japan, and everywhere in between. Pray for God to send people there. And, you never know, God might just send you.


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