Oreos for Chereos

October 05, 2016

  • Brothers and sisters are the people you live with … whether you like it or not. Sure, they can sometimes be difficult, but they’re also the family members you’re often the closest to. And the Bible tells us in Psalm 133:1 how great brothers and sisters are and how special it is when you get along. There’s no other relationship like it. They’ll be there for you whenever you need them – for the rest of your life! Watch the following Generecipe from Chef Basil to help you do something generous for your brothers and sisters.


    Buy a box of Oreo cookies and some sandwich bags from the store.
    Divide the Oreos into as many sandwich bags as you have brothers and sisters.
    Take a bag to each of your brothers and sisters and offer them the bag in exchange for one of their house chores.
    If they accept the exchange, give them the bag of Oreos and do one of their house chores for them.

    Before you do this Generecipe, pray the following prayer:

    “Dear God, thank you for (brother’s name/sister’s name). Please help me to get along with them, especially when they’re being really difficult. Help them to see your love for them through my act of generosity.”


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