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Speaking Out For Justice

May 01, 2015

  • CIY is getting ready to release its new film called “Aullido” – a story about a boy who had a dream of playing professional soccer but found himself in a situation where he had to make the toughest decision of his life.

    Meet Vicente.

    He’s a 15-year-old boy who has a dream to play professional soccer. The only problem is that the likelihood of his dream becoming a reality is a one-in-a-million chance. You see, Vicente lives in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Guatemala – a place where nothing good ever happens.

    But one day Vicente was presented with a chance to make his dream come true … or so he thought.

    This summer, CIY and the MOVE team have partnered with an organization called International Justice Mission to produce a film called “Aullido.” The story is about Vicente – a boy very similar to the thousands of students who will be attending MOVE events this summer – who chased a dream and found himself in a situation where he had to make the hardest decision of his life: to become another nobody in the slums of Guatemala, or to stand up and speak out against injustice.

    MD Neely, the director of the film and CIY’s director of video, traveled to Guatemala and worked with a mixture of Guatemala locals, IJM professionals and award-winning Latin American actors to create the documentary that you’ll see this summer. The following is some of his testimony of the experience of making the film:

    MOVE: First of all, what does “Aullido” mean?

    MD: “Aullido” is Spanish for “howl.”

    MOVE: Like a wolf?

    MD: Yeah. We knew we wanted to use wolf imagery in the film so howl seemed like a good fit. And then, through a conversation with Eric Epperson (screenwriter) we discovered that wolves howl, not when attacking, but when calling for help. 

    MOVE: How did you find the story of Vicente?

    MD: When we first started talking about stories to tell, we knew from the beginning that we wanted a country in Latin America. And IJM has some very good relationships in Guatemala and they were bringing us some stories to consider through CIY’s new partnership with them. This story of Vicente was one that they were very emphatic about because when their organization first was looking into going to Guatemala, they were advised not to because – as they were told – the legal system is broken and beyond repair. This story of Vicente represents the fruit of their labor in that country.


    MOVE: When did you first realize how important this story was?

    MD: The office director for IJM in Guatemala is named Brad. And on Brad’s desk there is a glass cylindrical container full of nails. Every time IJM wins a legal battle and gets a positive ruling on one of their cases, Brad puts another nail in that container as a symbol of another nail in the coffin of injustice. This case with Vicente is one of the highest-profile cases IJM has ever been a part of, and the sentenced ruling is the second-most severe sentence in the 104 year history of the country’s legal system.


    MOVE: How does “Aullido” compare to past CIY film projects?

    MD: For starters, it’s a true story, which is the same as our past documentaries. One of the main differences, however, is that this is completely reenacted. We hired professional actors – and the main actor who plays Vicente (Brandon López) has won the equivalent of an Oscar in Mexico. We chose to tell the story this way because we wanted to take the audience on the journey with Vicente, as well as protect the family that this happened to.


    MOVE: What do you hope people who see this film feel and do after watching it?

    MD: In the end I hope that students will be able to see that God cares about injustice. IJM only takes cases for people who can’t afford a lawyer – their motto is to “Be a voice for the voiceless.” These are all things that God cares about, and He wants students to care about justice just as much as Vicente does.


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