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Week 3 Overview

September 21, 2016

  • Week 3 - Open with our Treasure


    What comes into your mind when you hear the word “treasure”?


    Treasure chests full of gold coins and glittering gems, always being pursued by pirates. The crown jewels, locked away in a British tower and surrounded by guards. An enormous diamond, larger than your fist, tucked away in a long-forgotten cave and waiting to be discovered and sold for millions.


    All of those sound so exotic, like something out of a movie, but I want to suggest that we all have treasure of sorts. Beyond gold or jewels or money, a person’s treasure is what they value most. And we all value something, or someone. It might be your clothes. Or your video games. Or your friends. Or your grades. Or your money.


    What’s your treasure? And how does Jesus fit in your own personal treasure chest? This week, we’ll explore being open with our treasures and see how Jesus viewed money.



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