MOVE Programming - 2008


To become a Christian of power and depth, our perspective has to change.  Every sight that comes into our eyes, every sound that we hear, and every thought that we think has to come through the filter of Christianity… a grid through which we discern all things, a veritable set of lenses for the soul.

With this resource you will get the MOVE 2008 programming working through The Book of Acts.


  1.  All video content from the 5 day programming from the event
  2. Daily Themes and lessons from 5 day event 
    • Daily themes: Holy Spirit, Community, Boldness, MOVE.
  3.  An 8 week curriculum
    • Themes: Waiting, Spirit, Witness, Persecution, Expansion, Difference, Context, and CoMission
  4. Small group questions
  5. Encounter time discussion guide and devotionals.

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