ONES High School Experience Programming - 2007


Each lesson contains two activities designed to reinforce the message through hands-on learning. One activity is completed during the lesson time. The other is to be completed before attending the next lesson. Each class time allows your students to share from these experiences. 

The focus of this lesson series is how we are to honor God with our whole life. The lessons put the spotlight on David from the Old Testament. Using David, a man after God’s own heart, as an illustration, students are challenged to reflect on their own contributions to building the Kingdom of God.

Lesson are designed with the intention for the teaching to be able to personalize individual lessons with their own stories and life experience. These personal stories are designed to move students from the academic to real life. This segment of the lesson not only engages the students with the teacher, but also helps them make applications to their own lives.

This resource is the entirety of the 2007 High School Experience Program.


  1.  All video content from the 5 day programming from the event
  2. Daily Themes and lessons from 5 day event 
    • Daily themes: Identity, Injured, Isolated, Influenced
  3.  An 8 week curriculum
    • Themes: Ordinary, Waiting, Deceit, Celebrate, Failing, Turning, Sacrifice, Alone
  4. Small group questions/guide
  5. Encournter time discussion guide, audio AM Sessions, devotionals

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