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This Changes Everything - 2014 MOVE programming



Bring back a week of MOVE to your church!

The "this" in This Changes Everything refers to the resurrection. This curriculum is a study in the book of James. You might think that James was one of Jesus’ first followers. But he wasn’t. In fact, the Bible said that James didn’t think Jesus was all that special. Early in Jesus’ ministry, as he was gaining followers, we read an account in Mark 3.22, that his family – which would have included James – thought that he was out of his mind. And then in John 7.5, we read that his brothers didn’t believe that he was the Messiah. They basically told him to get out of town and stop ruining their reputation. You know how the story goes, right? Jesus becomes a powerful teacher, upsets the authorities and is crucified. James wasn’t even at the crucifixion. So what changed James? The resurrection.

Bottom line: When you realize Jesus changed everything, it changes you too.


  • Text from the book of James
  • Programming Notes
  • Hear & Tongue
  • Jesus changes everything script slides
  • Jesus Changes Everything script
  • MOVE 2014 Daily Themes
  • MOVE Curriculum 2014
  • Night session Jackie Hill opening videos
  • Night session Jackie Hill closing videos
  • Sermon Bumpers
  • Programming Hand Outs
  • Programming notes
  • TCE Student Book/Small groups

This 5 day programming can be 5 to 8 weeks of programming for you and your students.


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