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Six interactive trainings that will help your group know about Kingdom work, go do Kingdom work, and show the difference it makes.

  • Every week youth pastors use small groups, mid-week gatherings, and Sundays to provide opportunities for students to draw into deeper relationships with Jesus. But how does a youth pastor know if a student is responding to the Good News of Jesus?
  • There are plenty of curriculums that youth ministries can use that provide great content for students. But when content is everywhere, is that really what a ministry needs? And how do you know if that content helps your students grow into lives of Kingdom work?
  • Content is everywhere, but engagement is not. With Engage Experiences, you’ll get all of the great teaching moments you expect from a CIY, but more importantly, you’ll have a way to measure and share responses.
  • We’ve heard youth pastors express this frustration over and over again – students aren’t connecting. What was working before the pandemic simply isn’t resonating now. Engage Experiences move students away from lecture and into a lab environment where they immerse in, and learn Kingdom work – hands on.
  • Active engagement in large group. Need to be involved and engaged.
  • Companion piece that goes along with MOVE and MIX.