MIX For All Forever Tee
MIX For All Forever Tee

MIX For All Forever Tee

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For All - Forever means the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone, forever. The Iota Chi (Eye-Oh-Tah - Key) monogram has been used for centuries by those who believe that. Made up of two letters of the Greek Alphabet, the Iota Chi is essentially a monogram for the name and title of our Savior - Jesus (Iota) Christ (Chi). Toward the end of John's letter (John 20:31) he tells us WHY he is writing. John is writing so that you will believe that Jesus (Iota) is the Christ (Chi) - and that by believing you would have life in his name. Jesus is life FOR ALL, and when you believe in Him, you'll have that life FOREVER.

Gildan Hammer Tee. Color paprika. 

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