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Post Trip DevoBack


Psalm 116:7


What does this say about God?

What does this say about you?

It’s your first day home. Let’s be honest, you need rest. Surely you have a ton of thoughts and feelings about your experience: What you saw, smelled, tasted, and did. Your mind may be racing as you reflect on the stories you heard, the things you saw and what it all means for you. You may be experiencing a sense of loss and disappointment in the absence of the group of people you joined on your trip – all of whom were focused on the same mission, dependent on each other. You may be experiencing joy in seeing how God is working in ways that leave you in awe. You may be angry as you consider the brokenness you saw. And there are probably a slew of other things you’re trying to reorient yourself with now that you’re back home – things like family, friends, jobs, etc. You might be anxious because you know there are things that need to change in your life, or you realize that God is doing something new within you and you don’t want to lose it. But here is your task for today: Rest.

Take a nap, go to bed early or sleep in if you’re able to. God made us to rest. It’s healthy for our minds and our bodies. Most people have a hard time with this because they always want to be doing something. It’s hard to just “be;” but rest reminds us that we’re not measured by what we do, we’re measured by who God is!

What do you want to do or accomplish more than anything else right now?

Why is it hard to rest?


Jesus, thank you for the gift of rest. As I find time to relax today, refresh my body, mind and soul so that I may represent you well as I begin telling others the story of what you did throughout the trip. Fill me with . . .

Pray for a person you met or encountered during the trip (mission partner, local person, etc.).

Pray for one of your teammates.