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Post Trip DevoBack


James 4:6


What does this say about God?

What does this say about you?


This is probably a word that was used often during your trip. You were surrounded by the humble spirits of your teammates and mission partners. There were times you were humbled by the things you saw and experienced. It may have been somewhat easier than usual to remain humble throughout the trip as you kept in mind the attitude and posture of being a servant. But now that you are back home, how will you keep your humility in check? The first big test will come sooner than you may realize. Get ready. Satan loves to use this thing called pride to shatter everything good about the experience you just had. As you start to share stories from the trip with your family and friends of how you saw God at work and how God worked in you and how amazing the experience you had was, Satan will use pride against you.

It starts with seemingly innocent thoughts such as, “I’m a better follower of Jesus than others because I went on a mission trip,” or “I know everything there is to know about mission and culture because I’ve done it,” or dare we say it, “God loves me more because I went and served the least of these.”

It sounds silly to read these thoughts out loud, but it’s not so funny if you begin to believe these thoughts, which in turn lead to prideful actions and words. One of the last things you want to do when sharing your stories is to turn people off because you made them feel like lesser human beings because they didn’t have the same experiences you did. How do you fight against this? Instead of telling your stories, remember that they’re God’s stories, and use those stories to build Him up. Talk about the things you saw God do on the trip, not the things you did – eliminate “I” from your stories. When you point everything back to Jesus, it takes the focus off of you. And when the focus is on God and not you, this leaves less room for pride to take root.

Where do you see potential in the coming days for pride to take root?

How will you intentionally be on guard against these tactics?


Father, all glory and honor belongs to you. You are building your Kingdom all around the world and with humility I stand in awe of your work. Help me to remain humble. Help me to fight against Satan’s tactics of pride. I know without the Spirit I am prone to . . .

Pray for a person you met or encountered during the trip (mission partner, local person, etc).

Pray for one of your teammates.