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Post Trip DevoBack


Psalm 55:22


What does this say about God?

What does this say about you?

Culture shock. You most likely experienced this in some form during your trip as you found yourself in new places with different food, a language you didn’t understand, or customs that seemed backward to you. These differences probably elicited an emotional response – that’s culture shock. But now that you’re home, you may be having these same feelings in ways you weren’t expecting – we call that reverse culture shock. From your time on this trip your worldview has shifted, and the things that once seemed ordinary may now bring feelings of anger or sadness or confusion. The food you’d been craving throughout the trip doesn’t quite taste as good as you had remembered, and you can’t seem to eat without thinking about the people you met who lived off of beans and rice. Maybe you never before minded spending time alone, but after experiencing a deep sense of community during the trip, time alone now feels lonely. In reality, not a whole lot has changed at home. But it feels as if everything has changed because you are now seeing things through a different lens or worldview. It’s OK to have these feelings, it’s how you respond to them that matters. One response is to become bitter and angry, which leads to isolation and shutting out everything around you. That’s ineffective. A better response is to embrace these differences as part of your processing and re-entering back to life at home. Seek out a person with whom you can share these reactions, even if that person can’t fully comprehend how you feel. As you sift through these changes, God can use your new lens to show you things in your home and culture that may be hard for others to see or recognize.

What has been the most difficult part of being back home?

What has been the best part of being back home?


Jesus, as I begin to adjust to life back at home, help me to recognize and process the changes in healthy ways. Use the things I’ve learned to create new opportunities here at home. Thank you for allowing me to have new perspectives of . . .

Pray for a person you met or encountered during the trip (mission partner, local person, etc).

Pray for one of your teammates.