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The Image of God is a beautiful thing and it resides, at least in part, in all cultures and people groups around the world. Unfortunately, we as people are broken and so are the cultures we live in. But there are glimpses of God and his nature everywhere we go. It’s important that we keep a sense of objectivity when we’re serving in other places and when we’re thinking about our own culture. No place is all good, and no place is all bad. Find the beauty wherever you are and add to it. In part, that is how God is using us to bring about the renewal of all things because a day is coming when all cultures will be redeemed and all cultures will be beautiful.

What stuck out to you the most from the video?

Prayer Challenge:

Read the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman in John 4:1-42. Although the Samaritan woman is broken, how is the image of God revealed through her? Because of her encounter with Jesus, notice how a beautiful revival breaks out! Pray this prayer: Jesus, help me hold in tension the beautiful and broken, and allow me to be an advocate of beauty wherever I go.


Listen to the song “Beautiful Things” by the band Gungor. Write your thoughts as this relates to the beautiful and broken. What words from this song stick out to you the most?


1. What attributes of God do you observe in others at your school? Place of work? Church?

2. Reflect on the beautiful and broken parts of your own life.

3. What do you think is beautiful/broken about where you are going to serve?