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SuperStart Digital

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SuperStart Digital is everything you need to host a weekend event, teach a month-long series, or lead a small group conversation. Three 20-minute interactive sessions (plus a script for a ReCap session) tell an engaging story as we teach your preteens that God created our emotions as part of our journey, he understands what we’re going through, and he is always there to guide us.

What’s Included?

  • Three 20-Minute Interactive Sessions
  • Five-Minute Countdown Video
  • Pre-Session Playlist
  • Four Small Group Experiences
  • Kingdom Worker Challenge
  • Digital Graphics
  • PDF of the Student Book
  • Amp Up Group Dance Video
  • Amp Up Digital Games
  • Worship Song Suggestions
  • Group Game Ideas
  • Three-Part Animated Film
  • ReCap Session
  • Adult Leader Instruction Video
  • Parent Explanation Video
  • Sample Event Schedule & Plans

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