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Engage Experiences

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Each week you spend hours studying, writing, and preparing for your youth group time. And when it's over and the last student has gone home, you wonder: How did that go? Did they listen? Will they remember it in the morning? Will it make a difference?

It can be frustrating to put in the hard work each and every week and not know if your students are internalizing Biblical concepts and becoming Kingdom workers – using their talents gifts and abilities to further the Kingdom of God.

But what if you could see tangible proof of your students learning biblical concepts, accepting Kingdom-minded challenges, and telling others about the good work God prepared in advance for them to do? Imagine the transformation in schools, in families, and in your church.

Engage Experiences gives you the first step with a 6-part teaching series designed to help your junior high and high school students grow as Kingdom workers while making it easy for you to see the impact in their lives.

Below are some of the outcomes you'll see in your students:

  • Viewing and living out their entire life as a call from Jesus to Kingdom work, rather than it being a task that they have to complete periodically.
  • Realizing the ways that God has continually been at work in their life even when they weren’t necessarily aware of it.
  • Seeing the church as the bride of Christ and the way He has chosen to share His Good News with the world and loving her because of that.
  • Seeing people the way Jesus sees them and making God’s love the lens through which they view others.

Okay, that all sounds great – but how does an "Experience" fit into your ministry? However you want! Use it in your midweek programming. Use it on Sundays. Use it with your leadership group. Use it as a retreat. You get all of the tools to plan something that uniquely fits your ministry.

You might be asking, "how is it different than curriculum?" It is curriculum. But it's also a philosophy. Engage Experiences uses a unique approach that we call "Know, Go, Show."

Know – Teach the Kingdom worker principle using the ministry tools provided.

Go – Use CIY Convos, an app designed to help small groups have meaningful conversations, to create a Kingdom worker challenge based on the principle. Then, go do the challenge.

Show – Share stories from completing the challenge and celebrate using the fun activity provided.

Engage Experiences includes more than 90 minutes of video and over 100 total deliverables like:

  • Icebreakers and Games
  • Teaching videos (sermon, bumper, animated film)
  • Kingdom Worker Story videos
  • Small group experiences through CIY Convos App which leads students in building their own unique Kingdom Worker Challenges
  • Fun and interactive way for groups to share stories and testimonies after completing their Kingdom Worker Challenges
  • Graphics, Promo content, and more!

Have questions about Engage Experiences? Let us know. We'll let you try the first for free!

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