Treasured - 3 Preteen Sessions on Worth

Treasured - 3 Preteen Sessions on Worth

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The theme for SuperStart/AT: "Treasured" centers around Deuteronomy 26:18, teaching students that their true value and worth is found in God who treasures them.
With flexible, age-intentional content, you can use SuperStart/AT as a weekend event, in your normal weekly programming, in a small group setting or any other way you can dream up.

What's included?

  • Three 45-60 minute, interactive SuperStart video sessions.
  • Four small group sessions through the CIY Convos App, an app designed to help small groups have meaningful conversations.
  • A practical, measurable Kingdom work challenge for your preteens.
  • Digital resources to support your experiences including countdown videos, teaching slides, adult leader meeting videos and parent tools.

This resources does not contain student booklets. Check out the SuperStart/AT Student Booklets product to order!

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