Love Costs Everything (Japanese) a Short Film About Persecution

Love Costs Everything (Japanese) a Short Film About Persecution

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This is the film, Love Costs Every Thing with Japanese subtitles.

Synopsis: Persecution is a reality for nearly two hundred million Christians around the world. Daily, they risk their lives simply because they believe in Jesus. They could surrender, or convert, or quit but the love of Jesus is worth the sacrifice. For many of them, this road leads to death. Christ In Youth invites you on a journey around the world. From the jungles of Colombia to the war-torn streets of Baghdad, LOVE COSTS EVERYTHING tells the real-life stories of Christians standing firm in the face of death. Though persecution is severe, the faithful continue to rise. The church is advancing. God’s people are risking it all in the name of love. And it is worth it, because love costs everything.

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Suggested Audience: 13+

Topics: global issues, justice

This film could be used in your ministry at an event, in weekly programming, or at a camp or retreat! Use it as a way to get your students and families learning, talking/raising awareness, and challenging them to be kingdom workers.

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