Personal Time through Philippians
Personal Time through Philippians

Personal Time through Philippians

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Often, what’s needed for your ministry or walk with God isn’t another tactic, plan of action, or message series outlining 6 steps to a healthier fill-in-the-blank. Let’s be honest – do you really need another Zoom Call? Or Podcast?

What you need is to get away with Jesus by yourself to a quiet place and get some rest. Doesn’t that sound amazing? This is a tool, brought to you by a Wilderness event with pastors in mind, that will hopefully help you spend some time letting Jesus care for you.

Personal Time through Philippians includes: 

  • 4 updated “wilderness times” through Philippians with a focused time for prayer, reading, and reflection.
  • Optional exercises that give you tangible next steps to capitalize on your personal time with Jesus in the day-to-day. 

Use this resource at your next staff retreat, a day off, or even to teach your graduating seniors what personal time with Jesus looks like and how important it is. However it is used, we hope it will bring you much-needed rest in Jesus.

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