Tiharu a Short Film About Poverty

Tiharu a Short Film About Poverty

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Synopsis: It is quickly becoming the most populated country in the world, but India holds a dark secret. Men and women who make their homes in the poor villages throughout the central region of the country are forced to make decisions that no parents should ever have to make. Sell a child into slavery or watch your children starve to death.

Get Involved: For just $2,000, CICM can educate and equip a church planting pastor to reach out to families facing a crisis like Tiharu's family was. These pastors will help them see that there is a way to stop the cycle of child slavery. For more information, please go to www.indiamission.org

Suggested Audience: 10+

Topics: justice, India

This film could be used in your ministry at an event, in weekly programming, or at a camp or retreat! Use it as a way to get your students and families learning, talking/raising awareness, and challenging them to be kingdom workers.

*You will receive this film as a digital download.

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